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Nebraska Lemon Law

Whenever a contract is broken, you can always sue in court. So if you buy a defective vehicle and the company canít fix it, you can hire an attorney and sue.

But many people donít want to sue a manufacturer over a defective car. They just want their money back, or a new car, or to have the car fixed.

The Nebraska Lemon Law provides a choice for most citizens: they can use either: (a) informal arbitration, which does not require an attorney, or (b) formally sue the car manufacturer in court.

The Nebraska Lemon Law is intended to resolve complaints involving chronic car problems. It allows the owner a refund or replacement when a new vehicle has a substantial problem that is not fixed within a reasonable time. Be forwarned that Nebraskaís criteria for a Ďlemoní is very strict; but remember that there may be other options such as warranty claims, even if your car does not fit the criteria for the lemon law.

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